The COVID-19 pandemic has paused the world. People are self-quarantining themselves and trying to find different ways to keep themselves calm and busy during this time.

The good thing is that people are still active on social media and sharing different ideas, views, and experiences like before. If we narrow down the social media engagement to coffee lovers, they are mostly talking about these two things:

1. Dalgona Coffee

2. The virtue and use of coffee, with regard to the plague, and other infectious distempers.

The second one is a book written by Richard Bradley. It informs readers about the role of coffee to prevent the infection from spreading. In this book, he said that coffee is a cure for some types of headaches, lethargy, vertigo, cough, sleepiness, fever, gout, rheumatism, and infection.


And, the first one is Dalgona Coffee. Originated in South Korea, it is a whipped coffee prepared with four ingredients. In this Novel Coronavirus pandemic, people are not only crazy about this toffee dessert-like coffee but have also termed it as their favorite isolation beverage.


How to make Dalgona Coffee?

It is quite easy to make Dalgona coffee. You’ll require only these four ingredients:

1. 2-tablespoon coffee powder
2. 2-tablespoon sugar
3. 2-tablespoon boiling water
4. A glass of cold milk

If you want to serve it chilled, add some ice cubes also. Now, follow these steps:

Step 1: Prepare a mixture of coffee by taking a bowl and adding equal amounts of coffee powder, sugar, and boiling water in it.

Step 2: With the help of a hand blender or whisker, blend this mix until it becomes creamy, light, and frothy. Note that it’ll take time.

Step 3: Now, take your coffee mug and add ice cubes in it. Then pour cold milk, and finally add the whipped or beaten coffee on top of it.

Following these three steps will give you a delicious cup of Dalgona coffee.

Note: You know that the COVID-19 pandemic has hurt the whole world in one way or the other. In this trying time, it becomes our responsibility to follow the Novel Coronavirus WHO guidelines strictly.

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