The 10 Best K-Cups For A Keurig in 【Updated 2024】


The significant growth in the K-Cup market shows that desire for tasty coffee is ever-growing. The availability of different types of K-Cups means that they can satiate varied tastes of coffee lovers. Today, you are going to learn about some of the best K-Cups for your Keurig coffee maker.

10 Best Keurig K-Cup Pods

You’ll agree that many K-Cup brands have popped-up in the last few years. It seems many options have opened up for java lovers, but the ground reality is a bit different. All this has increased a lot of confusion.

To prevent you from this K-Cup muddle, I am suggesting some of the best K-Cups for a Keurig in 2020.

1.  Green Mountain Breakfast Blend – Light Roast K-Cup Pods

It is the perfect K-Cup to start your day – nutty flavor, balanced sweetness, and a smooth/ silky mouthfeel. This caffeinated light roast single-serve Keurig K-Cup pod contains 100% Arabica beans.

With these pods, Green Mountain has made a successful attempt to bring you close to nature. Moreover, it operates ethically and welcomes every change beneficial for humans and the environment.

2.  The Original Donut Shop – Regular Medium Roast K-Cup Pods

Many coffee lovers say that The Original Donut Shop coffee pods are their favorite. Here I want to reveal that the medium roast coffee in them is also my favorite. However, it is not the reason for giving 2nd rank to this brand.

You’ll notice that the taste it produces is just right, not bitter or harsh. These are extra bold pods, which means the amount of coffee in them is more than the usual K Cup coffee pods.

3.  Starbucks Veranda Blend – Blonde Roast K-C up Coffee Pods

The brand’s name, Starbucks, is enough to define the quality of these K-Cup coffee pods. These Starbucks veranda blend K Cups are mild and flavorful and made by keeping the Best Keurig single-serve brewing systems in mind.

If you’re a fan of flavorful and soft blonde roast, these Starbucks Keurig cups/ coffee pods are a great way to enjoy the same taste at home or office.

4.  SF Bay Decaf French Roast – Dark Roast K-Cup Coffee Pods

These SF Bay (San Fransisco Bay) K-Cups are made of only high-quality, 100% arabica, and certified by Kosher beans. These pods are made with plant-based materials and are also commercially compostable.

With SF Bay, you not only get a great taste in your cup but also become noble towards the environment. They can fit a wide variety of single-serve brewers, and this includes Keurig 2.0 too.


5.  Dunkin’ Donuts Original Blend – Medium Roast K-Cup Pods

Some coffee drinkers don’t like a light roast, nor they prefer drinking dark roasts. For such people, the medium roast K-Cup pods from Dunkin’ Donuts are the best option.

These Dunkin Donuts coffee pods contain high-quality Arabica beans so that you get an unmatchable rich, smooth taste in your cup.

6.  Peet’s Coffee Major Dickason’s Blend – Dark Roast K-Cup

You’ll find that most Peets K Cups reviews define it as the best for dark roasts, I agree with them. Major Dickason’s Blend offers smoky and full-bodied coffee that exemplifies Peet’s rich and flavorful taste.

If you are a fan of Peet’s bagged coffee, note that Peet’s coffee K Cups contain the same quality and roasted in the same precise manner. These K-Cups pour bold, not bitter, and consistent flavor in your cup.


7.  Death Wish Coffee Single Serve Coffee Pods – Dark Roast K Cups

These death cups contain the dark-roast Death Wish Coffee made from the high-quality organic beans certified by USDA. You’ll notice elusive flavor notes of cherry and chocolate give you a bold and smooth, not bitter, taste.

These capsules are not limited to Keurig 1.0 or Keurig 2.0 machines. You can also use them with brewers from Cuisinart, Mr. Coffee, and Breville as well.

8.  Cinnabon Classic Cinnamon Roll – Light Roast K-Cups

These K-Cups, certified by Kosher, brings the classic taste of cinnamon roll in your cup. Also, you no longer need to visit an expensive breakfast franchise to enjoy the great cinnamon flavor.

These light roast K-Cups contain 100% Arabica coffee beans and the taste of Cinnabon cinnamon. And the best thing is that you don’t need to visit anywhere.

9.  Caribou Coffee Caribou Blend – Medium Roast K-Cup Pods


Caribou Coffee K Cups are the favorite of the masses because most people like the cheap coffee pods of this brand. Yes, it is famous for producing the best budget or value for money Caribou K Cups.

It contains woodsy, spicy notes to provide you with a smooth and relaxing cup of coffee. For bringing satisfaction on your palate, you can give credit to rich and high-quality Indonesian coffee beans.

10.  Gevalia Majestic Roast – Dark Roast K-Cup Pods


My last pick is dark roast K-Cup pods from Gevalia Majestic Roast. They help you get a delicious, rich, and not bitter coffee in seconds. Coming to the flavor, they offer full-bodied, earthy flavor.

These caffeinated pods contain 100% Arabica grounds. You can use these cups in any K-Cup machine, not just from Keurig.

Let’s Explore The Keurig

Keurig is a brand engaged in manufacturing brewing systems and beverage pods. The major products that fall under the brand Keurig are:

  • K-Cup pods (single-serve coffee containers)
  • Other beverage pods
  • Proprietary machines for brewing the beverages of these pods

A wide variety of Keurig beverages is available such as cold and hot coffees, cocoas, teas, fruit-based drinks, cider, lemonades, and dairy-based beverages.

What Makes Keurig Special?

Many things make Keurig special. You’ll notice that Keurig, along with its partner brands, offers over 400 diverse varieties and more than 60 brands of beverages (in which coffee is the primary). Besides K-Cup pods, Keurig also produces K-Mug pods, K-Carafe, and Vue.

K-Cup Characteristics


The chief characteristics of K-Cup are:

It is a cartridge containing a limited amount of coffee, tea, or other beverages.

K-Cups are available in different sizes depending upon your taste and preferences. There are small K-Cups if you prefer a lighter roast and large K-Cups if you want a dark roast.

K-Cups are disposable.


Consider These Before Buying K-Cups

Whether you are a first-time buyer or have purchased K-Cups many times, you should consider these things to have the best Keurig K-Cup experience.


The main ingredient of a K-Cup is coffee, but there might be other ingredients as well. When you buy flavored coffee K Cups, you’ll notice some additives may not be your favorite. So, it is better to check and be sure about ingredients.


Different people have different tastes. Keeping this as the basis, various companies have launched different flavors of K-Cup in the market. However, there are some signature flavors from some renowned brands. Go for the K-Cup flavor you desire the most.

Coffee Type

You might be aware of Arabica and Robusta. Yes, these are the two types of coffee beans. Arabica beans provide high-quality coffee, whereas Robusta beans provide stronger taste because the caffeine content in them is more. So, find out your coffee type.


Many big, as well as small brands, are engaged in making K-Cups. There is no doubt that some great K-Cups in the market are from big brands. However, some small brands offer value for money. If you find one, you can enjoy great taste by spending less.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are quick (without any fuss) answers to some of the frequently asked questions related to Keurig K-Cups.

1.   Where can you get K-Cups?

You can buy K-Cups from various online as well as offline stores either authorized by Keurig or the law/ local authorities to sell these cups. In these stores, find the best coffee pods on sale to get the best deal.

2.   How much coffee is in a K-Cup?

A K-Cup contains 9-12 grams of coffee. This variation is because of the coarseness/ fineness of the coffee ground.

3.   How much caffeine in a K-Cup?

There is around 100 – 140 mg of caffeine in K Cups.

4.   Can you reuse K-Cups?

If you want to give it a try, reuse a K-Cup. But, let me tell you, you’re going to miss the flavor, oil, and aroma you enjoyed earlier.

5.   How many cups from one K-Cup?

You can use a K-Cup to prepare one cup of coffee. However, the size of your coffee cup may vary as 6-8 ounces of water is essential for every K-Cup.

Wrapping Up

When it comes to buying the best K-Cups & check it out K-Cups review with EnjoyAcoffee, there are numerous options. However, go for the brand that satisfies your taste buds, mind, and pocket. Also, pay attention to the type of coffee and other ingredients in a K-Cup. Or you can simply purchase the ones reviewed above.