Most types of coffee drinks are easily recognizable by people, but a few leave even the coffee enthusiasts clueless. One such drink is the macchiato. When you introduce people to a macchiato coffee, they often say – this is tasty, but I don’t know much about it.

When people learn about it, they often ask – how do you say macchiato?

How to say macchiato is not a big task, just speak mah-key-AH-toe.

Macchiato Definition      

You may define a macchiato drink as the espresso coffee with a dash of hot milk. When you add milk to the rich, dark espresso, it forms a “mark” or “stain” from which the name of this coffee originates.

When you add a little amount of milk to the dark-colored espresso, it not only brightens the color but also adds creaminess to your coffee. Today, it is also one of the best alternatives to plain espresso coffee.

The History of Macchiato

Macchiato is an Italian name, and it means stained, spotted, or marked. The two types of coffee – coffee with milk and classic espresso – have always been the favorite. The traditional macchiato/ real macchiato started as an option between these two. It evolved with time, and today you can even get different types of macchiatos.

One thing that differentiates macchiato from other coffee drinks is the time people prefer drinking it. When most people love to start their day with a cappuccino, macchiato has become the morning as well as afternoon favorite.

How to Make an Espresso Macchiato at Home?

To prepare espresso macchiato at home, you don’t need those high-end coffee makers. A simple Moka pot is enough.

So, you will require the following:

  • A Moka pot
  • Coffee beans
  • A grinder
  • A spoon or frother
  • Milk & Water

Now, follow these steps:

Step 1: Finely ground the coffee beans.

Step 2: Add grounded beans and water in the Moka pot. Then, place it on the stove.

Step 3: When the espresso gets ready, take it off the stove.

Step 4: With the help of a frother or spoon, add volume to the milk.

Step 5: Add this milk to the espresso.  

So, your espresso macchiato is ready to serve. The latest trend is to serve coffee in glasses. If you like the idea, I suggest serving it in a dolce gusto latte macchiato glass.

When you visit a high-end coffee shop and order a macchiato, you often get one enriched with a heavily frothed top, stenciled foam, and colored syrup. They are not the favorite of traditional macchiato fans.


I’m also trying to show how to make extraordinary Nescafe Dolce Gusto Latte Macchiato glasses by a very small brief?

The dishwasher-safe and microwave-safe Latte Macchiato glasses à 280 ml (max.)

Are available in a pack of two – after all, two people can enjoy them twice as well!

How to Order A Macchiato?

People order a macchiato when they find a cappuccino too milky, or want a different espresso with rich flavor. If you visit a specialty café, simply ask for a macchiato. They will give you an espresso macchiato, but you should ask for ‘latte macchiato’ at coffee chains.


My next article will inform you about venti iced skinny caramel macchiato with almond milk calories because a lot of people prefer it, especially when Macchiato lovers visit Italy. They also enjoy almond milk caramel macchiato Starbucks and caramel macchiato k-cups a lot. I’ll also suggest you about venti iced caramel cloud macchiato and koffeingehalt cappuccino latte macchiato. Keep visiting my blog and enjoying your Macchiato.



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