Best Espresso Machines 【Updated 2023】Reviews and Recommendations

Are you the one with a habit of drinking coffee multiple times a day?
Is your busy lifestyle distancing you from coffee? Do longer coffee breaks at the workplace affect your balance sheet? I have analyzed a lot of Home Espresso Machines for you and you can choose it based on your needs.

By now, we (and of course, you) almost know what is missing. Yes, a coffee maker machine.

You might be knowing that for people who want a cup of coffee immediately, there are many Best Espresso Coffee Maker 2020 machines in the market. However, identifying the one best suitable for your needs is the real problem.

But you don’t need to worry because we have researched many Espresso Coffee Maker machines and picked the best ones. Below are their detailed reviews.

Best  7 Espresso Coffee Maker for 2022


These are the best espresso coffee makers you can trust in 2020. Our team members have tested all of them on different parameters.

1.  Breville BES870BSXL-Espresso Machine

Espresso Coffee Maker for 2020 Check Price & Availability

Our first pick, Breville BES870BSXL, is also the Amazon bestseller. We liked it the most because this semi-automatic espresso machine comes with everything you require to make great coffee. There is no need to invest in accessories. Moreover, it is easy to use even if you are new to espresso machines.


What We Liked

  • It includes a frothing pitcher, stainless steel conical burr grinder, temper, and other accessories.
  • It features a removable water tank of 2 liters.
  • The Thermocoil heating system of this machine shortens the heating time and gives a clean taste.
  • The water temperature is adjusted automatically for the best temperature.
  • This machine provides options to choose grind amount and grind size.

What We Didn’t Like

  • Some customers are not satisfied with the after-sales service.


Highly Recommended

2.  Mr. Coffee BVMC-ECMP1106-Espresso Machine

tasty espresso coffee with its 15-bar pump system

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We have Mr. Coffee BVMC-ECMP1106 at the second place on our list. It is a 3-in-1 semi-automatic machine that can prepare a latte, cappuccino, and espresso. Mr. Coffee is a brand in existence since 1970, and brewing coffee is the only thing it does best. That’s why people also like it.

What We Liked

  • By touching only one button, you can select a single or double shot.
  • You get amazingly tasty espresso coffee with its 15-bar pump system.
  • Its availability in three attractive shades means it can enhance the decor of most kitchens.
  • For cappuccino and latte selections, it automatically froths the milk.
  • The water reservoir is removable and easily cleans.

What We Didn’t Like

  • Some minor design flaws upset buyers.



3.  Dé Longhi EC155-Espresso Machine

Dé Longhi EC155-enjoyacoffee

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Our next pick is Dé Longhi EC155. When a product or one of its parts is patented, its value increases automatically. Dé Longhi EC155 is one such espresso and cappuccino maker that comes with a patented dual-function filter holder. With many advanced and satisfactory features, it promises delicious espresso for many years.

What We Liked

  • With its patented filter holder, you can prepare cappuccino as well as espresso quickly and easily.
  • It is sleek, compact, and can comfortably fit on the countertop of almost every kitchen.
  • The water tank prevents a lot of hassle as it can be removed, refilled, and reattached. Moreover, the constant visibility of the water level eliminates any guesswork.
  • Its advanced cappuccino system maintains the correct temperature to help you brew continuously without waiting.
  • The 15-bar professional pressure makes sure you get quality every time.

What We Didn’t Like

  • It makes a little more noise.



4.  Keurig K-Café-Espresso Machine

best Keurig K-Café coffee maker

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Keurig espresso coffee maker, famous as K-Café, is our next suggestion. It is one of the best single-serve coffee espresso makers in the market. The feature to pair with Espresso Roast K-Cup pods makes it overpower many other espresso coffee machines. Moreover, making a cappuccino or latte is just a 3-step process with this great machine.


What We Liked

  • The frother you get to froth fresh, soy, skim, or almond milk is dishwasher safe.
  • Button controls make this machine easy to use, even for a novice.
  • The large water reservoir of 60 oz allows brewing 6 cups before refilling. It saves time when you are in a hurry.
  • If your travel mug is up to 7.2″, this machine can comfortably accommodate it.
  • The programmable auto-off feature of this coffee maker makes it energy efficient.

What We Didn’t Like

Sometimes the frother frustrates customers, but their after-sales service is available for help.


Highly recommended

5.  Mr. Coffee ECM160-RB-Espresso Machine

Mr. Coffee ECM160-RB-enjoyacoffeeCheck Price & Availability

We have Mr. Coffee ECM160-RB in the fifth position. It can help you prepare 4/5-cups of rich espressos at a time. This model is not new but, because of its quality and features, has been able to remain one of the most preferred coffee makers for the last many years.

What We Liked

  • Its glass carafe can help you get up to 4 cups of delicious coffee at a time.
  • It features a removable and washable drip catcher that keeps the brew space tidy by collecting coffee drips.
  • The Steam Heat function of this machine allows hot steam to pass via the filter and deliver a rich, dark espresso brew.
  • Its efficacious milk frother helps in preparing cafe-rich espressos.
  • All primary components of this coffee maker are removable and easy to clean.

What We Didn’t Like

  • The knobs are delicate.



6.  Wacaco Minipresso NS (MPNS100)-Espresso Machine


Wacaco Minipresso NS (MPNS100)-enjoyacoffee

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The desire for a delightful cup of java may arise anytime and anywhere. That’s why our next pick is the lightweight and compact Wacaco Minipresso NS. This Best manual espresso machine has gained the tag of bestseller in very little time just because of its innovative features.

What We Liked

    • Being compact and lightweight, you can carry this versatile manual espresso machine anywhere.
    • Its semi-automatic piston makes it quite easy to use. A few pushes are enough to produce the best rich espresso coffee Maker.
    • It does not require N2O cartridges, compressed air, and electricity for making espresso.
  • The availability of multi-capacity water tanks makes sure you get different types of espresso.

What We Didn’t Like

Some people don’t like the idea of preparing the espresso with a manually operated machine.


Highly recommended


7.  DeLonghi EC702-Espresso Machine

DeLonghi EC702-enjoyacoffee

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Our last pick is DeLonghi EC702. When you want to make one or two cups of espresso, cappuccino, or a latte at your home, go for it. The coffee you get from this machine is nothing less than the one available at your preferred coffeehouse.

What We Liked

  • 15-bar professional pressure makes sure you get rich quality every time.
  • Two separate thermostats allow controlling the steam and water pressure separately.
  • Its Rapid Cappuccino System maintains the ideal temperature so that you don’t need to wait between cups.
  • The removable water tank can be easily refilled and reattached. Moreover, the water level visibility eliminates the guesswork.
  • All its removable parts are dishwasher safe and easy to clean.

What We Didn’t Like

  • Many customers do not appreciate repair and replacement costs after the warranty period.



By Brands

Some espresso coffee makers from renowned brands are:

1.  Breville BNV450GRY1BUC1-Espresso Maker

Some of the best espresso coffee makers in the market are from Breville. BNV450GRY1BUC1 is the latest and automatic espresso maker from this brand only. It has Nespresso’s CentrifusionTM technology that provides barista grade coffee with the touch of a button.  With all the latest features, it makes sure that you get great coffee every morning.

2.  Mr. Coffee BVMC-ECMP1106-Espresso Maker

Another famous brand of espresso coffee makers is Mr. Coffee. It is included in our reviews also. We found the reasons for its popularity are advanced features and price. So if you are aiming for a budget espresso coffee maker in 2020, our team suggests Mr. Coffee BVMC-ECMP1106.

3.  Nostalgia HCM700RETRORED-Espresso Maker

The third most famous brand of espresso coffee makers is Nostalgia. HCM700RETRORED has a different design. Also, the way to operate this model is different. But the final result you get is a cup of delicious, hot, and creamy coffee. It comes in three attractive shades to beautify your kitchen area.

By Price

The most liked espresso coffee makers because of their price are:

1.  Best Espresso maker under $50

There are not many options under this category. The best one is Mr. Coffee 4-Cup Steam Espresso System with Milk Frother. With all the latest features, it is the best low-priced espresso maker when you have to prepare up to 4 cups of java. In addition to the price and features, people prefer this machine because of the milk frother.

2.  Best Espresso maker under $100

The best espresso maker under $100 is De’Longhi EC155. This machine uses 15 bar professional pressure to give you a cappuccino and latte just as you get in the cafe. The availability of self-priming operation has eliminated the irritating start up preparation.  If you are an admirer of taste within budget, go for this coffee maker.

3.  Best Espresso Machine under $200

There are many choices under $200. However, the best one selected by our team is the Nespresso Pixie, Espresso Maker. This compact and lightweight machine can make the brew ready in just 25-30 seconds. This machine has many advanced features, is energy-efficient, and uses high-end technology.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.  Is Espresso and Filter Coffee the same?

No, both are different. There is a difference in taste as well as in preparation.

2.  What are the different types of Espresso Coffee Maker Machines?

There are primarily three different types of Espresso Coffee Maker Machines. They are:

  1. Super-Automatic Espresso Machines
  2. Automatic/ Semi-Automatic Espresso Machines
  3. Coffee Pod Machines

3.  Should I go for a semi-automatic or automatic espresso coffee maker?

It depends upon your choice and needs. Home users often prefer semi-automatic machines because they are customizable as per the taste. Also, users can control the temperature of water in these machines.

4.  What is Manual Espresso Coffee Maker?

It is a coffee machine that produces espresso coffee through manual operation. It is also known as the French press. Nowadays, people prefer semi-automatic and automatic espresso coffee makers.

5.  Can such a coffeemaker help me to master the art of making perfect espresso?

It may help. However, grinding the seeds is essential for making the perfect espresso. You can go for a coffee and an espresso maker with a grinder.

6. Is espresso better than drip coffee for your health?

Yes, Espresso is better than drip coffee because a coffee filter is not essential
to make this one. And the Espresso may raise the cholesterol levels in your blood which is help your health.

Wrapping Up

An Espresso coffee-making machine is rapidly becoming a part of modern households. If you also want to buy an espresso coffee maker 2020, choose anyone reviewed by us. They can help you enjoy a great cup of coffee irrespective of your busy lifestyle. Whether you know how to make coffee in an espresso maker or not, these machines are surely going to make your life a lot easier.

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