A cup of freshly brewed coffee can instantly boost up everyone’s mood. But the trouble begins with the choice of the coffee maker. Often, we search for an option in between drip coffee maker vs. percolator. At the same time, these two coffee makers have few specialties and dissimilar functionality as well.

If you want to know, in short, if you want a stronger coffee with twice the density of flavor, you can choose a percolator. In the case of quite light coffee with a clean taste, you can choose from top drip coffee makers from Amazon.

Today, you will know which one is better among these two options and why you should choose that one from this article after comparing a few specifications. So, let’s begin!


How does a percolator work?

coffee percolator

A percolator works in a unique manner than the usual coffee makers. The usual coffee brewing process of a percolator is, the water will boil inside the lower pot, and it will circulate over, again and again, making the coffee dense and perfect.


In the percolator machine, the coffee basket stays on the top, and in the lower part, there is the water reservoir. When the water boils, it comes upward through a tube and falls upon the spreader cover, which is located over the coffee basket.


Then through the spreader cover, the water gets mixed with the coffee grounds. The process starts because of the force and motion from the bubbles created by the boiled water.


When the water gets mixed with the coffee grounds in the basket, it creates a saturated mixture. After a while, as the water boils more, it splashes upwards. As a result, the mixture can travel through the coffee basket.


As a result, the coffee grounds come down again and get mixed with the water that is boiling in the downsides. The whole process continues as a loop until the coffee grounds are properly mixed with the water. Then you will get your coffee ready in the stovetop percolator coffee pot.


Thus the best coffee percolator works to make the perfectly brewed strong and dense coffee. You will get coffee percolator electric instructions once you buy this.


Main Advantages of Perked Coffee Percolator

Among many advantages, there are a few significant facilities that you will get from the perked coffee percolator. Such as:

  • Effortless cleaning: because of the easy accessibility to all the areas, a percolator is very easy to clean. The simple build puts a lot of advantages here as well.
  • Easy portability: one of the main specialties of a percolator is the easy carrying facility. You can easily take it anywhere with you.
  • Cost-effective: percolators are really reasonable in price. So, when you are looking for something in your low budget, these are worth considering. You will get the best coffee maker for under $25 to $50 if you get a percolator.
  • Strong coffee flavor: because of the brewing process, you will get a strong cup of coffee from a percolator. Many of the coffee makers do not serve this.


How does a drip coffee maker work?

The work process of a drip coffee maker is simple and quite similar to a percolator. Though in the whole process, there are a few dissimilarities. The preparation of the coffee requires only one cycle to perform in the drip coffee maker.


In the drip coffee maker, the water of the reservoir gets heated first. When it boils, the steam reaches the coffee grounds through the tube, which is attached there.


After reaching the coffee basket, the water flows all over the coffee grounds, making a good mixture. When every coffee ground gets mixed properly, the mixture runs through the filter to the coffee pot.


Unlike the percolator, the drip coffee maker performs this cycle only once. That’s why the coffee comes out to be lighter from a drip coffee maker.


Main Advantages of Perked Drip Coffee Maker

From the drip coffee maker reviews 2020, we can see that a perked drip coffee maker can also serve you a lot of unique functionalities. Because of the specialties, you can get the top drip coffee makers in 2020. A few of those are:

  • Effortless operation: the best Drip coffee maker works almost an automatic way. So, the whole coffee-making process will be easy and quick using this.
  • Convenient service: you will be able to use the drip coffee maker whenever you want. The convenience of service is favorite to all.
  • Internal warming procedure: the coffee warming procedure is totally unique in drip coffee makers. Also, these can keep the coffee warm for a longer period with the warming plates.


Final words

Giving the straightforward answer to Drip coffee maker vs. percolator: which one is better for brewed coffee is not possible. As everyone requires different specifications from their coffee maker, it really depends on individual choices.

But if you want easy cleaning with a strong flavor, you should go for a percolator. Otherwise, for convenient usage and effortless outcome, you can always rely on a drip coffee maker.


We hope that our explanation has been helpful for your choice. Have a great coffee experience!


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