The Best 12 Cup Coffee Makers in the Market!


Coffee is more preferred over tea. Nothing makes your mood better than a cup of coffee. Many people have it a hobby to visit their nearest coffee shop to enjoy a cup of coffee with their dear loves spending hundreds of dollars every month. The most pocket-friendly way to enjoy coffee with your family, friends, or colleagues is to make some at your home. However, to have a flavorful coffee you need a coffee maker.


Either you need to fulfill your office’s coffee demands or need the one for home, it is essential to get the best 12 cup coffee makers that make quality coffee and make your life easy.


It is not easy to find a standard coffee brewer online. There are various coffee making brands selling their products, but not all are recommended to use.


To help you out in shopping, we’ve compiled the best options available in the market. The reviews will help you in buying the best one for yourself. The following mentioned below is a comparison of products among their overall rating.


Mr. Coffee 10 Cup Optimal Brew Thermal Coffeemaker


Ninja Specialty Coffee Maker, with 50 oz. Glass Carafe, Black and Stainless Steel Finish


Cuisinart Stainless Steel Thermal Coffee Maker


Cuisinart SS-15BKS Coffee Center Maker, 12-Cup Black


Hamilton Beach 2-Way Brewer Coffee Maker,4.4




Before reviewing the coffee makers, let’s first briefly discuss why 12 cup coffee makers are famous.


This Is Why The Best 12 Cup Coffee Maker Is So Famous!


There are primarily two reasons for the 12 cup coffee brewer being so famous among its users. One is the coffee quality, and the other one is the ease of use.


  • Coffee Quality: It produces high-quality coffee that gives a smooth taste in just one sip. The coffee doesn’t taste burnt, bland, or raw and has nuanced flavors.


  • Ease of Use: The 12 cup coffee makers are easier to use than any other coffee maker in the market. They are easy to set, clean, wash, and come with a variety of features.



Top Five Best 12 Cup Coffee Makers Reviews


Now, let’s discuss the five best 12 cup thermal carafe coffee maker reviews. We are hopeful that these reviews will help you in buying a coffee maker for yourself.


1. Mr. Coffee 10 Cup Optimal Brew Thermal Coffeemaker



 Material:  Stainless steel

Weight:    5.10 lbs

Color:      Black or chrome

Capacity: 10-12 cups


This coffee maker is one of the best coffee makers in the market that uses high temperatures to extract coffee beans and serve you exceptional tasting coffee fully. It comes with a stainless steel thermal carafe that ensures that coffee remains hot for a long time.


Secondly, you don’t need to wash it thoroughly after every use. It has a removable water reservoir and a filter basket that’s easy to remove and clean. The water filters filter out chlorine and other impurities and improve the coffee taste.




  • Makes coffee fast
  • It has a two-hour auto shut off feature
  • When tested so, keep coffee hot for two hours
  • Easy to control and use



  • The machine produces noises.
  • It doesn’t produce strong brewing coffee.


2. Ninja Specialty Coffee Maker, with 50 oz. Glass Carafe, Black and Stainless Steel Finish



Material: Glass/ Plastic

Weight:  13.2 pounds

Capacity: 9.92 ounces



The Ninja coffee maker is yet another one of the best 12 cup coffee makers on sale. Yes! You heard it right. You can now get it at a discounted price.


It comes with numerous outstanding features, and you can’t find any negative points about this machine. It has 6 brew sizes, which means that you can brew anything in your coffee maker. The best thing about this coffee maker is that you can use it to make a different coffee style like cappuccinos, delicious lattes, and macchiato. Thus, if you like to drink coffee of different kinds, this coffee maker is the one you should buy.



  • Has permanent filters.
  • Makes classic and creamy brew.
  • Keeps the coffee hot for three hours
  • Comes with a fold-away frother feature, which can turn hot or cold milk into a silky froth.



  • The glass carafe needs a lot of care to be appropriately handled.


3. Cuisinart Stainless Steel Thermal Coffee Maker



Material: Stainless steel

Weight: 10.2 pounds

Capacity: 12 cups


The Mr 12 cup programmable coffee maker is made up of stainless steel, and like other coffee makers, it comes with various features. It is a programmable coffee maker because it is entirely automatic with self-clean function, 24-hour programmability, and optional alert tone. Moreover, it has a brew pause button that allows you to enjoy a coffee before the brewing cycle is finished.



  • It has a water reservoir.
  • Comes in standard packing.
  • Coffee remains hot for 3-4 hours.



  • It has leaking problems.
  • The carafe is poorly designed.



4. Cuisinart SS-15BKS Coffee Center Maker, 12-Cup Black



Material: Plastic

Weight: 12.20 lbs

Color: Black

Capacity: 12 cups


Again Mr 12 cup programmable coffee maker is an automatic and easy to use coffee maker that you must give a try at least once. It is a modern-day design coffee machine with 12 cups and a stainless steel handle, so you don’t have to worry about the machine’s plate getting flaked off.


The best thing about this thermal coffee maker is that it has a reusable filter cup that allows you to use your coffee cup.



  • It allows you to control brewing strength.
  • Removable drip tray for travel cups
  • It has adjustable heat plates.



  • Not pocket friendly



5.Hamilton Beach 2-Way Brewer Coffee Maker with 12-Cup Pot, Stainless Steel Carafe



Material: Plastic

Weight: 10.06 lbs

Color: Stainless steel

Capacity: 12 ounces


It is yet another 12 cup coffee maker on sale that has a two-way brewer. You can get this coffee maker at a significant discount so, if you are looking for the best 12 cup coffee makers at a low price, go with the Hamilton coffee maker.


It allows you to adjust your cup as per your choice. Here it means that you can either brew your coffee in the carafe or your coffee mug. This coffee machine is fully programmable, thus called Mr coffee 12 cup programmable coffee maker.


  • Affordable
  • The carafe has an extra-large capacity.


  • It doesn’t have a travel mug of its own.
  • No permanent mesh filter.



5 Pro Tips for Choosing the Best 12 Cup Coffee Maker


The following mentioned tips are essential to remember to buy the best 12 coffee cup maker for your home or office.


Carafe Capacity

The first and most important thing you should remember is the carafe capacity. Think for a minute and decide how many cups you want. Either it’s just a single cup, or you need it multiple times. Always buy a coffee maker with a large carafe because you don’t need to fill it up.


Water Filters

Look for a coffee maker that comes with a water filter. Coffee makers that come with water filters inside their water tank make the coffee taste much improved.


Programming Features


There are coffee makers that can be programmed to turn on and off the machine at certain times. This feature allows for brewing the coffee quickly without taking much time. If you want to make coffee in a hurry, then buy a coffee maker with this feature.



Do check the warranty for the product you’re buying. It’s important because if the product you’re buying is in warranty, you can claim the manufacturing company. They repair or replace the product or any component of the product that’s defective with a new or a remanufactured maker or its component.



Buy the best 12 cup coffee maker from a reputable brand. Several different brands are selling their products, but not all of them are reliable for use. Thus, make sure you’re buying from a renowned brand. To know about decent coffee maker brands, you can check 12 cup thermal carafe coffee maker reviews.


The Bottom Line

Towards the end, we can say that buying the best 12 cup coffee maker is not an easy task. The competition in the market many times fools the buyers. So, be cautious. Read this guide thoroughly and enjoy shopping the best—coffee maker.



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