This is not the most conventional of relationships, but it is becoming more and more common every day. It has become part of the norm for several cafés and coffee shops.

The combination of the two is displayed beautifully in the form of latté art. It is very difficult to pinpoint the origin of latté art, but the time when it was established was in the 1980s. Regardless of how it started, I for one am very happy that it is here.


The Basics of Coffee Latte Art


  • Control: This factor is necessary to create any design whether simple or intricate. One little slip can ruin the entire design which will no doubt create lots of frustration.

    On the bright side it is easy to get rid of failed attempts, just drink them up. Keep at it, the control will come from lots of patience and practice.

  • Position: Where the milk is poured is very important for the formation of the art. As we know coffee is a liquid and due to its fluid movement, the position the milk is poured will affect the symmetry of the design.

  • Pouring the milk directly in the center will create the art moving outward, and making contact off-center will create a trail. Understanding the outcomes of the different positions where milk is poured is essential for creating very unique designs.

  • Height: This is important to avoid messes and destroying your coffee canvas. Starting at a larger height with respect to the surface will create a much thinner stream of warm milk, allowing much more control when constructing the design.

    As the amount of milk grows and foam is formed, the height from the surface of the cup should be reduced to create the finishing touches to any design.

Important Factors to Consider  coffee Latte

  • Milk: The most important aspect of the milk that must be maintained is the freshness. Old or stale milk will not produce any art and will not produce great tasting coffee either.

    Most people prefer to use full-fat milk, but if the proper technique is maintained and the freshness of the milk is optimal, then it should not make a significant difference.

    The last rule that must be followed is the same milk cannot be used again at a later date to produce more latté art.

  • Type of Jug: The ideal jug to utilize would be a stainless steel jug with a narrow spout. This helps with control and maintaining a consistent temperature.

    Place a generous amount of milk within the jug, as too little will absorb heat in an uncontrollable manner. If the milk is heated too quickly, it will be completely unusable.

  • Coffee: The best espresso home coffee used is just as important. The coffee must be fresh, not only to produce a great tasting coffee product but also to create a strong layer of crema.

    What exactly is crema? Crema is the foam layer that rises to the surface of every cup of coffee. As this is the platform for the art, it must be made as stable as possible to produce the very best coffee art.

  • Size of Cup: A 6 to 8 oz cup is normally suitable to produce any type of art. Another important parameter, regarding the dimensions of the cup, would be the large diameter. The larger the diameter, the larger the surface to work on.

Thanks to latte art, coffee is no longer just a tasty treat or a pick me up. It is now a treat for the eyes and something to marvel at. Although the baristas make it seem easy, I ensure you it is not.

I have already burned my hand twice, but I will keep going until I achieve that perfect Rosetta. Practice makes perfect and I am sure you can do it too, just try and keep these important factors in mind when you do.


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