You might have heard from some of your friends that they start the day with the best coffee beans. They say it because high-quality beans enhance the flavor of java in our cups. Experts say if you are not using good quality coffee beans, you are not doing justice with your taste.

Here are some tips you can consider to get the best coffee beans:

Decide the Category

The famous coffee bean categories in the market are Arabica and Robusta. The Arabica beans are grown in the areas of high altitude, and they bring a slightly smooth, acidic taste in your cup. The Robusta beans grow in low altitude areas. They bring a bitter taste to your coffee. For a great cup of coffee, you should know which category to choose.

Identify Your Roast

Depending upon personal preferences, different types of roasts are light, medium, dark, and extra dark. Find out your roast type. The lightly roasted beans are less acidic and have a cordial taste. If you want stronger taste in your cup, go for coffee beans with a shiny, dark appearance.

Check the Roasted Date

Fresh grounds are always the best. Make sure you purchase only after checking the roasted date on the pack. If you own one of the best coffee makers with grinders, there is no need to worry. Just purchase the bag of whole coffee beans and grind them fresh whenever required.

Origin Matters

Another concerning thing is the origin of coffee beans. All environmental conditions such as altitude, rainfall, sunshine, and type of soil all contribute to the final taste in your cup. There are over 50 coffee-producing countries, but all of them do not produce the best. You can look forward to the coffee beans originated from Brazil, Colombia, Hawaii, Kenya, Ethiopia, and Indonesia.

Watch for USDA Organic

When it comes to coffee beans, look out for USDA Organic label. Beans with this label mean the grower has taken all steps to produce it naturally without hurting the environment. This sustainable production makes sure the coffee beans do not miss the natural taste.

Keep in Mind

There are certain cautionary elements you should keep in mind while making the purchase. Doing so will help you get the best coffee beans.


  • Do not buy coffee grounds, even if they are from a trustworthy source. The best is to grind the coffee at home as per the desired brewing method.


  • Coffee beans stored in one-way valve bags and airtight containers away from sunlight retain freshness. If you find the roaster has kept them carelessly in clear plastic bags, do not purchase.


  • Avoid bulk purchases. People buy large quantities to save money, but it affects the taste. Some roasters sell only bulk quantities, avoid them.


  • Try to finish it by the use-by date. This date is usually a year more than the roast date.

So, these are some tips and cautionary factors you can consider to choose the best coffee beans.