About Coffee Roasters

If you like enjoying delicious coffee at home, don’t limit yourself to the best espresso coffee machines or best drip coffee makers. Instead, try a home coffee roaster machine also.

Many coffee aficionados suggest going for a coffee bean roaster if you want to drink tasty coffee. Coffee prepared with beans roasted at home enhances the flavor in your cup.

In earlier days, people used to visit cafés to drink tasty coffee. Thanks to technology, today, you can get the same great taste at home. A home roaster makes sure that each cup you brew is fresh and tastes nothing less than at your favorite café.

Why Roast Coffee Beans at Home?

Since roasted coffee beans are available in the market, many people think roasting beans at home is not easy and troublesome. They also believe investing in a domestic coffee roaster machine is wasting money.

I do not agree with them. These reasons clarify why we should roast coffee at home:

  • It gives you complete control over the level of freshness of the coffee. Your coffee will taste better.
  • How about a great taste without affecting your pocket? Sounds good? Well, roasting coffee beans at home provide it.
  • When you want to leave an impression on your friends or relatives, coffee beans roasted at home helps.

Benefits of Roasting Coffee at Home

When you roast coffee at home, you get many benefits. Some of them are:

  • No matter how expensive coffee you order at the café, it won’t have the freshness and taste you get from the coffee prepared by roasted coffee beans at home.
  • You are aware of your coffee beans. Roasting at home eliminates the doubt about the quality of coffee beans.
  • You can control the roast level – light, medium, or dark roast.
  • You can also control the caffeine level. In lightly roasted beans, the caffeine level is a bit high, whereas it is low in medium or dark roasts.

Some Pro Tips

  • In comparison to light roasts, medium and dark roasts offer great taste. The ideal temperature for dark roasts is around 464°F, 437-446°F for medium-dark roasts, 410-428°F for medium roasts, and 356-401°F for light roasts.
  • You should regularly clean your coffee bean roaster with the help of a scraper to prevent building-up of coffee oils, creosote, and other hard-to-clean waste.
  • For removing the chaff after roasting, take two colanders, place hot beans in them, and continue dumping a few times back and forth. Do not worry if some chaff remains.

Do I sound like a school teacher? Why not try some fun facts related to coffee before moving to the new section?

Types of Roasters

There are different types of coffee bean roasters in the market. According to the way of operation, either continuous or batch mode, there are mainly five types of roasters:

  1. Centrifugal
  2. Tangential
  3. Drum
  4. Packed Bed
  5. Hot Air

Out of these five, the most common ones are hot air and drum roasters. As all roasters require heat for operation, the source of heat may vary from wood, electricity to natural or petroleum gas. If you need a roaster machine but have limited space in your kitchen, go for a small drum coffee roaster.

A small coffee roaster is compact enough to fit in small spaces. Moreover, they allow you to roast in batches.

Let me reveal something to help you get the best home coffee roaster.  When people have to buy the best home coffee roaster, most of their searches do not include the five names I have mentioned above. They often search:

  • Manual coffee roaster
  • Coffee bean roasting machine
  • Cheap coffee roaster machine
  • Best coffee roaster machine
  • Roasting machine for home
  • Automatic coffee bean roaster
  • Desktop coffee roaster
  • Coffee roaster for sale
  • Countertop coffee roaster
  • Personal coffee roaster

Next time before searching coffee bean roasters near me or best coffee roasters, make sure you have considered the above search terms also.

Best Coffee Roasters in the World

If you want to know the best coffee bean roaster in the world, let me tell you there is nothing like the best bean coffee roasters. The best at-home coffee bean roaster entirely depends upon the choice, preference, needs, and budget of an individual.

But, I can disclose a trustworthy home coffee roaster I have used. You too can trust it:

  • Fresh Roast SR800

You can either do your own research or go for the one recommended by me. After all, we (you and me) have the same objective – a great taste in your cup.

As a coffee lover, I’m trying to follow all the brews method. Though I try to brews by espresso machine and make a supper delicious coffee before leaving home , It’s not hard to make a awsome coffee at your own hand.

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