Fun Facts

Check out these interesting facts about coffee. Trust us, we’ll make you go WHAT?!?!

[1] The world’s top producer of coffee is Brazil with 2,594,100,000 kilograms being produced per year. Nós amamos nosso café

[2] Coffee is actually a seed, not a bean. It is only referred to as a bean because it looks like one. Who knew?

[3] The most expensive coffee in the world comes from the feces of the Indonesian Civet Cat. It is known as kopi luwak coffee and is priced between $35-$100 dollars a cup. That is some expensive coffee.

[4] Here comes another relationship between cats and coffee. The world’s oldest cat ever, Creme Puff, was a regular drinker of coffee with cream.

[5] People have made many attempts to ban coffee in the past. The first one dates to 1511 in Mecca.

[6] According to a study published in the JAMA (Journal of the American Medical Association), regular coffee drinkers are at a reduced risk of type-2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and may live longer. Do you drink coffee?

[8] The Guinness World Record for the biggest cup of coffee was secured by Colombia (Chinchina) on 15th June 2019. It contains 22,739.14 liters (5,001.91 UK gallons) of coffee.

[9] Studies reveal that coffee is the best source of antioxidants. It easily outranks tea, milk, cranberries, and chocolate.

[10] Used coffee grounds provide multiple benefits in the garden. They act as fertilizer, are beneficial in composting, and keeps pests at bay.

[11] Half the population of America starts the morning with a cup of coffee.

[12] The consumption of coffee protects the skin from harmful effects of UV (ultraviolet) rays. Are you thinking to ditch sunscreen for coffee?

[13] The use of coffee as a foot bath helps in removing dead cells from the skin of soles.

[14] Used coffee grounds, when put in the fridge, acts as a deodorizer.

[15] Mix used coffee grounds in pet’s shampoo. It will keep fleas away.

[16] Brewing coffee using paper filters is beneficial for health because it helps in removing toxins related to health disease.

[17] In Finland, an adult consumes around 10 kg of coffee every year. It is approximately 4-5 cups of coffee each day.

[18] The inventor of the primary instant coffee process was George Washington. Wait, George Constant Louis Washington.

[19] Though cappuccino is an Italian drink, the word “cappuccino” is from Germany/ Austria. It means a “hood” for covering the head.