Who doesn’t like brewed coffee? Being uncertain about which coffee maker to choose for preparing your perfectly brewed coffee can be so problematic. The discussion often lies in between two significant options: french press and drip coffee maker. Today, I will share a whole idea on French Press vs. Drip Coffee Maker: which is better for brewed coffee


Falling into trouble while choosing between french press vs. coffee maker is ordinary. But the choice becomes easy when you get a proper guideline. You will get the required guideline for you in this article. Let’s begin!

Coffee Press vs. Coffee Maker!

Drip Coffee Maker vs. French Press

There are a few differences between the coffee press vs. coffee maker. Coffee presses are more like a natural process to brew your coffee. People specifically choose a coffee press because of this specialty of serving the coffee’s wholly natural and actual taste. The reason behind this real taste is there is no extra filtration in the coffee press machines. On the contrary, coffee makers work differently and more automatically. A coffee maker warms up the water inside the container and later mixes the hot water with your given coffee grounds. Afterward, you will get your cup of coffee ready. 

The French Press coffee maker 

automatic french press coffee maker!

The way that french press coffee makers work is to pour warm water inside the container and put coffee there. After mixing the coffee with the water for four to five minutes, you have to press the piston attached inside. The piston will touch the coffee ground and serve your perfect brewed coffee. As a result, you will get the unadulterated and exact taste of the coffee. The actual taste that it provides is the primary specialty of brewed coffee. That’s why people are more likely to depend on french press coffee makers to prepare their brewed coffee. 

Benefits of french press coffee

If you want the perfect brewed coffee cup, you will find many benefits of french press coffee makers in that. There are a few unique benefits to mention. Let’s get to know those:

● You can make your cup of coffee to your specific taste. So, if you want a dark brewed coffee, you can easily prepare that using an automatic french press coffee maker!

● The amount of water and coffee ground is customizable here. That’s why you can apply all your personal preferences in a french press coffee maker.

● You will get a french press at a way lower price than a drip coffee maker.

● A french press serves the most refined taste of brewed coffees.

The Drip coffee maker

Though a drip coffee maker is more common to prepare regular coffee than a french press one, it’s not that much suitable for making brewed coffee. The reason why drip coffee makers are not that convenient to use for brewing coffee is preparing the coffee. You won’t have any access to the process, and the result doesn’t come out to be as concentrated as a usual brewed coffee is. As a result, a drip coffee maker is more suitable for preparing a regular cup of coffee for you. Otherwise, you can make light brewed coffee using a drip coffee maker.

Time: Bean to Brew Process

The time to prepare your brewed coffee is essential to choose your coffee machine. I have brought this section. The average bean to brew time that takes the french press is up to 10 minutes. This time includes the boiling time of the water to the plunging. So, though it may seem like a lot of time, a lot of work is being done too.

On the other hand, a drip coffee maker’s bean to brew time is only 5 minutes. As you know from above, a drip coffee maker works automatically. So, it requires less time to prepare brewed coffee.

Drip coffee vs. french press

Drip Coffee Maker vs. French Press

The debate between drip coffee vs. french press is so inevitable that you need to choose according to your choice. To make that easier, let’s know the differences 

Depending on a few factors:

● Brewing time: as for bean to brew time, a drip coffee maker is a winner. Drip coffee maker takes only 5 to 8 minutes, whereas french press requires up to 10 minutes to prepare. 

● Capacity: the capacity of a drip coffee maker is about almost 12 cups at a time. On the contrary, the french press can serve only 4 cups of coffee at a time. 

● Quality of brewed coffee: in case of the brewed coffee’s quality, the french press always steps ahead. You will get the same quality of coffee from a french press. 

● Taste of the coffee: likewise, the quality, the french press also serves you with the real taste of the brewed coffee. But the drip coffee maker ruins the originality. 

Ease of use cleanup and excellent tasting coffee

If you search for the ease of cleanup from your machine, you should go for the automatic french press coffee maker. The cleanup process of a french press is so effortless. You will be able to separate all the components and clean those individually. A drip coffee maker is quite hard to clean up. 

Also, when you want the brewed coffee’s real taste, you should always choose a french press over anything else. Otherwise, for a usual cup of coffee, and if you don’t have that many requirements, you can use a drip coffee maker. 

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

How to make coffee in the french press?

To make coffee in the french press, at first, you have to put water and coffee. When these two get mixed up, the included plunge will start to come down. Afterward, your coffee will be ready within 10 minutes. 

Is there any dissimilarity between drip coffee and french press?

The main difference between drip coffee and the french press is the process of preparing the coffee. There are more differences, like brewing time, quality, etc. 

How does a french coffee press work?

You have to pour warm water inside the container and put coffee in there. The using process of a french press is straightforward and natural.  

Why is french press coffee bad for you?

Some recent research showed that the french press couldn’t filter the cafestol, which is harmful to your body. Cafestol can raise the level of LDL in your body. 

Final words

I have reached the end of this discussion. I hope that this review on French Press vs. Drip Coffee Maker has been helpful to you. Now you can choose which one is suitable for you in the right way. Compare the factors and choose the one that feels right for you.



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