【Top 7】Single Cup Coffee Makers Reviews of 2020

For most people missing a cup of coffee in the morning is like losing a treasure. Do you also feel like this? Some people start their day with a sip of java while others love to fill their travel mug with coffee as they move out on workdays.

There are single-serve coffee makers to fulfill this limited need. However, numerous options in the market are a big problem in finding the best coffee maker for making one cup. We often see people asking – what is the best rated single-serve coffee maker 2020?

Top Single Serve Coffee Makers in the World 


【Top 7】Single Cup Coffee Makers Reviews of 2020 1

  • Brews 3 different cup sizes (6, 8, and 10 ounces)
  • Removable Drip Tray makes room for a 7.1” travel mug
  • Trusted by over 75 Best Beverage Brands of the world

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【Top 7】Single Cup Coffee Makers Reviews of 2020 2
  • Efficient and saves energy by gaining ideal temperature in just 25 seconds

  • Compact design to fit every kitchen
  • 19 bar high-pressure pump provides barista-style results at home
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【Top 7】Single Cup Coffee Makers Reviews of 2020 3
  • Built-in frother adds silky microfoam to hot and cold coffee

  • 4 different brew sizes
  • Pod-free single-serve brewing allows using coffee of any brand
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【Top 7】Single Cup Coffee Makers Reviews of 2020 4
  • One of the very few eco-friendly coffeemakers

  • Compact design and durable, lightweight construction makes it perfect for traveling
  • Featured with a travel mug, permanent filter, lid, and holding basket
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【Top 7】Single Cup Coffee Makers Reviews of 2020 5
  • The patented coffee press makes delicious, smooth, full-flavored coffee

  • The perfect alternative for the high-acidity and bitterness created by a French press
  • Only takes around 1 minute and single pressing to prepare 1-3 cups
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【Top 7】Single Cup Coffee Makers Reviews of 2020 6
  • A personal pour-over brewer allowing users to make and take the coffee anywhere

  • The metal filter makes it economical, environment-friendly, and an ideal choice for tours
  • Coffee maintains temperature for a longer duration
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【Top 7】Single Cup Coffee Makers Reviews of 2020 7
  • BPA-free Tritan construction

  • Perfect brewing in less than 2 minutes
  • Allows adjusting the flavor and strength
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【Top 7】Single Cup Coffee Makers Reviews of 2020 8
  • Delicious coffee anytime, anywhere in just 30 seconds

  • Economical, easy-to-use, and easy-to-clean
  • Dishwasher safe
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【Top 7】Single Cup Coffee Makers Reviews of 2020 9

  • Suitable for ground coffee, K-cups, loose tea, tea bags, and others

  • Pulse brew feature adds bold and better flavor to the drink
  • Easy-to-clean and dishwasher-safe parts
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Best Single Serve Coffee Maker 2020

All machines reviewed below have undergone thorough testing by experts at our station. You are surely going to get one of the best single-serve coffee makers in 2020 and I’ll sure your love this.

1.  Keurig K-Classic


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Keurig K-Classic is our first pick. Keurig was the company to invent single-serve coffee makers so we can expect nothing but the best from them. It comes with most user-friendly features to make delicious coffee. Keurig is not only our favorite but also of the 75 best beverage brands in the world.


What We Liked

  • This coffeemaker can handle different types of K-Cup pod brew sizes, such as 6, 8, 10 oz.
  • The descaling process of this machine is quite beneficial in removing calcium build-ups over time.
  • It turns off automatically when not used for two hours. This feature helps in decreasing your electricity bill.
  • This machine is easy to use because it’s every function is controllable by buttons.
  • Its large water reservoir of 48 oz allows brewing 6+ cups.

What We Didn’t Like

  • A bit noisy.


Highly recommended.

2.  Hamilton Beach 49981A


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Our next pick is Hamilton Beach 49981A. Hamilton Beach is a brand known to come up with products that make life easier. Now you don’t need to visit a cafe to get your favorite coffee in the morning. This machine is best known to brew basic or premium-roast coffee in very little time.


What We Liked

  • The simple 3-step process makes this machine easy to use.
  • It brews a cup of customizable coffee in less than 90 seconds. That’s quick.
  • The single-serve scoop filter of this machine allows brewing ground coffee of your choice.
  • It has many advanced features such as auto shutoff, a spill-resistant drip tray, built-in stand, stainless steel body, and others.
  • This machine is compact and easy to clean.

What We Didn’t Like

  • Sometimes, it doesn’t deliver consistent results.


Highly recommended

3.  Breville BNV250BLK1BUC1
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The next in our list is Breville BNV250BLK1BUC1, a fully automatic espresso machine that makes excellent coffee at the touch of a button. This smart coffee maker asks you to put in the capsule to get the perfect blend of authentic espresso. This model comes bundled with an Aeroccino 3 milk frother for that perfect finish.


What We Liked

  • It delivers barista grade coffee at home, no need to visit a cafe for that taste.
  • The 40oz removable water tank prevents annoying refilling.
  • The fast heating time of only 15 seconds makes sure you don’t need to wait for your espresso drink.
  • Centrifusion extraction technology perfectly blends hot water and coffee grounds/ coffee beans to produce genuine taste.
  • The activated VertuoLine capsule in this coffee maker spins up to 7,000 rotations every minute.

What We Didn’t Like

  • The heating temperature of water fails to satisfy some customers.


Highly recommended

4.  Mr. Coffee BVMC-SC100-2

enjoyacoffee-Single Cup Coffee Makers Reviews

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Mr. Coffee is a famous name when it comes to drip coffee makers. However, BVMC-SC100-2 is at the fourth place in our list of best single serve coffee makers. It is compatible with all the commonly available pods and also comes with a filter pod that you can use repeatedly.

What We Liked

  • If the size of your cup or travel mug is up to 10 ounces, this coffeemaker can directly brew into it.
  • The reusable filter brews grounds according to the single cup.
  • You can brew K-Cup pods as well as loose grounds in this machine.
  • To prevent splashes while brewing, it features an adjustable cup tray.
  • The availability of Pull-out Drawer makes loading and discarding the used pods as well as filters quick and easy.

What We Didn’t Like

  • Missing customization features make this machine costly.



5.  Keurig K-Mini
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We know that Keurig makes some of the best single serve coffee makers. Our fifth pick, K-Mini, is also from this brand. Most people expect a single-serve coffee machine to be compact, lightweight, and affordable. And, this one from Keurig has everything to satisfy customers.

What We Liked

  • The less than 5 inches width makes it fit in small places and travel-friendly.
  • It automatically turns off after 90 seconds of last brewing. As a result, your electricity bill decreases.
  • If your travel mug is up to 7 inches tall, this machine allows brewing directly into that.
  • It is compatible with K-Cup reusable coffee filter.

What We Didn’t Like

  • The plus variant of this machine comes with some advanced features. Keurig should have included them in this model only.


Highly recommended

6.  Nespresso by De’Longhi ENV135B


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De’Longhi is known for bringing some of the best coffee makers in the market. The one we are reviewing is one of them. When you are looking for a machine that delivers extreme taste in your cup, go for Nespresso by De’Longhi.

What We Liked

  • It uses Centrifusion technology by Nespresso to fill your cup with liquid heaven.
  • Only a single button press is enough to get espresso cups or barista grade brewed coffee.
  • Removable water tank’s capacity is 54 oz. It prevents repeated refilling.
  • The heat-up time of 15 seconds eliminates delays.
  • It supports five different cup sizes.

What We Didn’t Like

  • It is a costly single-serve coffeemaker.



7.  Cuisinart DCC-3000


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Our last pick is Cuisinart DCC-3000, compatible with different coffee pods such as K-Cups. This programmable coffee maker uses Coffee on Demand technology to make sure that fresh and hot coffee is available when required. It is a perfect example of convenience at its best.


What We Liked

  • The easily operable actuator dispenses one cup at a time.
  • There is a lever which, when pressed, fills your cup with delicious java.
  • The coffee reservoir is removable for easy cleaning.
  • The removable drip tray catches extra coffee not dispensed in the mug.
  • It has a charcoal water filter to eliminate bad taste, chlorine, and odor from tap water.

What We Didn’t Like

  • Some users are not satisfied with the customer service.



By Brand

Some #best single-serve coffee makers from famous brands are:

1.  Hamilton Beach 49980A

Hamilton Beach 49980A is a popular coffee brewing machine. It provides two different ways to make coffee – either a single cup or up to 12 cups. If you are looking for brewing coffee makers which can brew single as well as many cups of coffee, prefer this model.

2.   Keurig K250

Another famous single-serve coffee maker is Keurig K250. With the brand name Keurig before a coffee making machine, not many clarifications are left. Out of several features, the best one of this slim and sleek brewer is less than 1 minute brewing time. It is compact and beautifies your kitchen space.

3.  Mueller Ultima MU-KCUP

The Mueller Ultima is famous as a value for money product. One thing, besides excellent coffee, this Austrian brand provides is satisfaction. It is compatible with 1.0 and 2.0 pods, features BPA-free materials, and can brew in 4 different sizes. Its proprietary technology helps in quick brewing at an optimum temperature.

By Price

Single-serve coffee makers demanded most because of price are:

1.  Best Single Serve Coffee Maker Under $50

The best single serve coffee maker under $50 is CHULUX QF-CM801. It is affordable and gives you the option to prepare different types of coffee with ease. Whether you want to fill your 5-12-ounce cup with delicious java in the morning or evening, this coffeemaker is always ready to serve you.

2.  Best Single Serve Coffee Maker Under 30 Dollars

It is BLACK+DECKER CM618. If you have an active lifestyle, this one from the house of Black & Decker is the ideal choice. The best feature of this affordable, compact, and lightweight masterpiece is that it allows brewing directly into the thermal mug. One-touch operation and other advanced features also contribute to its popularity.

3.  Best Single Serve Coffee Maker Under $20

There are some good quality coffee makers available at an exceptionally lower price, AdirChef 800-01-BLK is one of them. It is an eco-friendly coffee maker that features permanent filters and shuts the door for the paper filter.  All components of this machine are dishwasher safe. However, if you want to wash them by hand, do not hesitate.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.  Why buy a single-serve coffee maker?

A single-serve coffee maker has many advantages. For example,

  • It is portable and makes getting a cup of coffee quick and easy.
  • Cleaning such machines is stress-free.
  • It usually offers multiple options for brewing coffee.

2.  How do single-serve coffee makers work?

For a single-serve coffee maker to work, you need to fill up the water reservoir, put a pod, and press the brew button. In the next few minutes, you will get a cup of liquid heaven.

3.  Which single-serve coffee maker should I buy?

It depends on your needs and preference. However, you can trust the ones reviewed above.

4.  How to choose single-serve coffee makers?

There are certain factors you should consider while purchasing single-serve coffee makers. They are:

  • Type
  • Brand
  • Brewing Method
  • Brewing Size
  • Water Reservoir Capacity
  • Operating Cost of the Machine
  • Brewing Controls

5.  Can I gift a single-serve coffee maker on my friend’s birthday?

Yes, coffee makers are amongst the most gifted everyday tools. Your friend is going to appreciate your choice.

【Top 7】Single Cup Coffee Makers Reviews of 2020 10

Wrapping Up

Single-serve coffee makers are the best option when you quickly need a cup of coffee in the morning or anytime during the day. They also help you save money and provide amazing taste within your budget. Also, this type of coffee maker prevents you from wasting coffee. If you can’t wait to add such a useful appliance to your kitchen, immediately buy the one from our list above. They are the best coffee maker in 2020.