The Best 5 Hamilton Beach Coffee Makers (Updated) Review 2023

Something that makes a difference in our daily routine is nothing other than a coffee maker which brews the perfect cup of coffee. A good coffee maker is something that tends to your coffee preference accordingly, be it a latte or a cappuccino, strongly brewed or lightly. And what other coffee makers can be better than Hamilton Beach coffee makers?  After doing a fair amount of surveying, we’ve come up with the best hamilton beach coffee maker list, so you don’t have to go through a dilemma. Without further ado, let’s get into it!


Here’s a little preview for the products we’re going to discuss:


This Is Why The Hamilton Beach Coffee Makers Are So Famous!


Hamilton Beach Coffee pots give the advantage to every one of its users to pick from a variety of their collection of coffee makers, just so the users can have the perfect sip of a coffee they need every time they drink it. There are some other distinct features of Hamilton Coffee Maker, which are:

  • Unlike any other coffee making brands, Hamilton Beach Coffee makers can make a single serving of coffee using freshly ground coffee as well as a coffee pod.
  • The ability to adjust the brew strength however you like. 
  • Full freedom of going for either a single cup of a whole pot of coffee.
  • Knowing how to program the Hamilton Beach coffee maker is very user friendly.


Top Five Best Hamilton Beach Coffee Makers Reviews


Let us know about the five best Hamilton Beach coffee makers in town, and discuss their pros and cons. 


Hamilton Beach FlexBrew Coffee Maker 49950C



Material:  Stainless steel

Colour:      Black or Silver

Capacity: Single cup or a pot of  10-12 cups


Hamilton Beach FlexBrew Coffee Maker 49950C is a self-serve coffee maker which indicates that it’s composed of the Hamilton Beach coffee maker carafe, and delivers your coffee directly from its reservoir. The coffee maker blooms with many qualities including two separate reservoirs, two ways to brew along with a self shutting timer which automatically adjusts itself to two hours. 


  • Extremely easy filling and two-way brewer 
  • Gives instant hot coffee, freshly brewed either one or twelve cups at a time
  • Zero worried of spilling, breaking, or burning the coffee
  • Cutting edge design with no carafe and temperature regulating system
  • Cleaning Hamilton Beach Flexbrew is very easy



  • The one-time filter system might be an inconvenience to refill.

Hamilton Beach Coffee Maker with Alexa Smart Coffee Maker (49350) 



Material: Stainless Steel, Glass, Plastic

Capacity: 12 cups 


As technology progresses, Hamilton Beach has partnered with Alexa just so you can command your coffee maker with your voice, any time of the day. With just a ” Hey Alexa, brew my coffee,” you can get a freshly brewed coffee without the trouble of leaving all your at-hand work.  Making the best out of your smart coffee maker can be done with just Alexa’s app or the voice command. 


  • Easy to use a voice command or the Alexa app
  • Cutting edge, convenient design
  • Incorporated with a mess-free technology 
  • Adjustable brewing strengths
  • Smooth filtering system


  • It’s a requirement to buy Alexa with an additional cost.


Hamilton Beach 49980Z 2-Way Brewer Coffee Maker



Material: Stainless steel

Capacity: 12+1 cups


With the Hamilton Beach 49980Z 2 way brewer, you don’t have to worry about wasting coffee at all. With the new innovative and creative thinking from Hamilton Beach, all their customers have the convenience of getting a cup of coffee or a pot sustaining 12 cups of coffee at the same time. You have the full authority to brew a cup of coffee or a pot, with different brewing strengths and many other customizations.


  • Have a cup on the go or make a pot of coffee, whenever you want
  • Zero hassle regarding waste of coffee
  • Cutting edge design with a mess-free technology
  • The digital operating system is incorporated with a smart auto turning off after a while


  • Might be slow to filter at times. 



Hamilton Beach 49980Z 2-Way Brewer, 12-Cup



 Material: Stainless Steel

Colour: Black

Capacity: 12 cups


The Hamilton Beach 49980Z 2-Way Brewer, 12-Cup is extremely convenient to use the coffee maker. It’s moderately priced and does the job of making your coffee have the crisp, hot taste in every sip you take. Also, you don’t have to worry about your machine overheating as it has an auto shut mode to it. This model is a perfect gift for a family that loves drinking coffee ever so often. 


  • The two-way brewer makes it the most accessible feature
  • Easy and one-time filling water reservoir
  • Can hold both coffee pods as well as ground coffee
  • Cup holder fits any and all standard cup sizes 
  • Hamilton Beach Coffee Maker cleaning is very easy. 


  • Doesn’t come with a travel mug


Hamilton Beach (47950) Coffee Maker 


Material: Stainless Steel

Colour: Black and Stainless steel

Capacity: 12 cups


Forget about the tension of having to clean up the mess behind broken carafes. Now, you have access to the Hamilton Beach 47950 Coffee Maker, which does it all – from brewing your perfect coffee to being the most user-friendly coffee maker. The marked reservoir is an element that makes it extremely easy to determine how much water you need to put from 4 cups to 12 cups. Overall, it’s a lovely coffee maker suitable for anyone who hates to tend after messy coffee makers!



  • Removable reservoir
  • Different brewing options and the feature to pour coffee mid-brew
  • Zero mess technology-infused
  • The enclosed brewing system keeps the coffee hot and fresh for 4 hours


  • Requires the shifting of the entire machine while removing the lid 




5 Pro Tips for Choosing the Best Hamilton Beach Coffee Maker


In the above, I’ve elaborated on the perfectly suitable coffee makers in my view. But when it comes to buy it, there are some factors you must notice:


Carafe Capacity:

The Hamilton Beach Coffee urn capacity of most of the coffee makers ranges from 10-12 cups, which is very handy in case you have a family of coffee lovers. 

Water Filters:

There are two types of filters, the permanent ones, and the temporary one-time usable ones. Many people tend to go for the permanent filters because it’s less time-consuming to use. Each coffee maker also has its reservoir, and sometimes two if you’re looking at a two-way brewer. 

Programming Features:

The machines have their features, with some of them being able to brew coffee two ways, again some of them being a one-way brewing system. With a one-way brewing system, you get the advantage of having a simple 12 cup pot of coffee right in front of you while the double brewing system has the option to dispense a cup of coffee at a time. Although, there are other features such as “BREW NOW,” “BREW STRENGTH,” “PROG,” “SINGLE,” “CARAFE,” and “SET TIME.”



From the date of the original purchase, you get to have a one-year warranty under some circumstances in the U.S. and Canada region. 


Undoubtedly, Hamilton Beach produces many of the best coffee makers available on the market as their quality is always top-notch. They’re also extremely reliable, and their customer service is available whenever an individual needs help. 


The Bottom Line:

Each coffee maker has its pros and cons, but there’s always the one you’ll find to be perfect. In this list, hopefully, you won’t find anything to complain about since Hamilton Beach ensures quality. Once you have one of the Hamilton Beach coffee makers at your place which suits your needs, there’s no doubt that you’ll have the perfect sip every time. 

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